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Longmont, Colorado 

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As one of the most dynamic communities along the Front Range of Colorado, Longmont offers a quality of living second to none. Located in Northern Colorado, Longmont boasts a spectacular view of the majestic Rocky Mountains including the Twin Peaks.

With a population of over 81,000 Longmont has grown from a small rural community to a diverse business and residential community. Due to its proximity to over 20 centers of higher education and a population devoted to the cultural arts, Vance Brand Civic Auditorium is viewed as the pinnacle venue for performers and audiences. 


In the tradition of the astronaut for which the facility is named, Vance Brand Civic Auditorium is poised to provide dedication to service and quality now and into the 21st century. 


The community of Longmont offers complete access to shopping, entertainment, recreation, relaxation and the other components that create the Colorado lifestyle. In Longmont, Colorado, it's our climate, our ambiance and our spirit that makes our version of the Colorado lifestyle something extra special in an already very special state. 


Vance Brand Civic Auditorium and Longmont, Colorado an Experience not to be missed. Catch the Excitement!


For more information contact:

Kristy Foster


  phone: (303) 652-6310

600 E. Mountain View Avenue

Longmont, CO  80501